Another Christian College Success Story

Joel Kincaid is a 1990 Christian college graduate, with a major in Graphic Design.  Nearly ten years ago Joel began his own business called Merge 2 Media Marketing & Design.  Previously he worked at a screen printer/embroidery company as well as a manufacturing company. With over 21 years of experience in graphic design/art direction, Joel has worked on projects ranging from corporate identity, to catalogs, to website design.

Joel is a Christian college graduate who has been blessed with a successful business that directly relates to his college experience.  Joel responded to a series of questions related to his profession and his Christian college experience.

TCC:  What do you most and least enjoy about your work/career?

JK: What I like most is that each day brings new projects and a learning experience. I seem to continually learn new things with each project and enjoy the opportunity to share in the success of my clients. The hardest part is the long hours that I work growing my business. I am still a young business and am continually working at marketing and expanding my client base.

TCC:  Did you plan to be a business owner while you were in college?

JK:  I did not plan this when I was in college, but within two years of graduation I knew that I would like to own my own business and felt that I was prepared to do so.

TCC:  What led you into the world of graphic design?

JK:  I took several art classes in high school and knew that I wanted to pursue art as a minor in college. Once I started the art program in college I knew that I wanted to do this full time. My skills are strong in graphic design and this is the area that God led me to.

TCC:  What did you most enjoy about your college experience?

JK:  I enjoyed the small college feel, the friendships that I made, and of course, I met my wife there. The sports played a key role and a very enjoyable role in my college experience and have given me some great friendships and memories.

TCC:  What do you think were some of the advantages to attending a Christian college versus a secular school?

JK:  Looking at some of my friends from high school that attended a secular school I saw that a Christian school really focused on the whole student life and not just academics. There definitely was a focus on the spiritual with chapel, dorm life, etc.  But I also felt that I received a better education with more one-on-one from the professors and (there was) a genuine sincerity in their teaching.

TCC:  How would you describe the professors at the school you attended?

JK:  My professors were very open and honest (about) what it would take to have a successful career in graphic design. From my freshman year they helped nurture my skills to get the most out of my education and future goals.

TCC:  How has your Christian college experience affected your personal life?

JK:  It helped me realize that none of this is possible without God's leading. Life isn't always easy and the answers are not always clear, but I have peace in knowing that God will do what is best for my life. My four years at college helped to strengthen my relationship with God and gave me a strong foundation to succeed in my career.

TCC:  How has your Christian college experience affected your professional life?

JK:  The smaller classroom size and the insightful direction from my professors were an invaluable resource for my career.

TCC:  Can you share any longer term goals you may have, say over the next ten years?

JK: My long term goals include the growth of my business. The past four years I have seen a 15-25% growth each year. My plans include more marketing to the Christian college market and local businesses.

TCC:  What advice would you give to those who will read this in regards to attending a Christian college?

JK:  Give lots of prayer and listen to where God would lead you. Give 110% and always be thankful for the talents that you have.

Special thanks to Joel Kincaid of Merge 2 Media Marketing & Design