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A Future in Accounting

By Amber Gragert

Do you have a knack for numbers, math and business? Do the details of business excite you?  Then accounting

may be just the field for you!  Accounting has long been known as the language of business and, as an accountant, you would act as the interpreter to business owners.  Knowing ‘the numbers’ is what keeps businesses and anyone’s personal finances on track.  Accountant professionals are key in keeping businesses running efficiently, records accurate and taxes paid.

Majoring in accounting would also be your foundation if you choose to continue your education to become a certified public accountant (CPA).  There are many specializations to this major and opportunities in the field of accounting that span vastly through these specific areas: public accounting, private accounting, government and not-for-profit accounting. Some of those specializations include: Public Accounting, budget accounting, government accounting (IRS) and internal auditing.

Public accountants work for clients ranging from consulting individuals - such as your parents, government organizations, non-profit organizations and even large corporations – providing their expertise in budgeting, analyzing, accounting and auditing.  Did you know there was such a thing as a forensic accountant?  They specialize in investigating white-collar crimes like embezzlement and money laundering. Interesting, right?!

In an age where women still tend to get paid less compared to their male counterparts, women do particularly well in the accounting field.  The Bureau of Labor and Statistics says that over 63% of accountants and auditors in the United States are female.  Some other distinctive personality traits and skills of Accountants are: Honesty and integrity, leadership, extreme organization, effective communication, task oriented, detail oriented and self-starters.

The picture many have in their minds of their family accountant, you know, the guy wearing a green visor in a basement office punching numbers into his 9-key -- is a dated one.  The field of accounting is ever expanding and quite revered in business.  The need for good solid accountants is unquenchable these days. AICPA says, "The need for accounting graduates continues to grow, especially for master's degree candidates."  Do you have what it takes to be the back bone of business?

Sample Occupations:

  •  Actuary
  •  Collections Agent
  •  Cost Accountant
  •  Credit Analyst
  •  FBI Agent