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A future in Mathematics

By Amber Gragert

Albert Einstein once said, "Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." His perspective is as true today as it was then.

Mathematics is the language of numbers. Anyone with a love and affinity for its clarity and the satisfaction of knowing without a doubt when you have a right answer, you are likely hard wired as a logical thinker - a natural match as a mathematics major. Learning to speak and write using symbols imbedded with meaning is akin to learning any other language. Math majors become fluent in the language of numbers and problem solve using mathematic equations, concepts and principles. This is a highly regarded skill in today's job market.

Majoring in mathematics is a great way to prepare for a variety of jobs. Today, employers are all but desperate to find applicants that have backgrounds in mathematics. The reason for this is their typical stellar problem-solving skills and diligent, versatile, and innovative knowledge along with their tendency toward organized personalities. Mix in analytical skills and this perfect storm of qualities all dovetail neatly with what you will be taught during college.

With years of mathematics and statistical coursework under your metaphorical belt, it should go without saying how marketable your skills are, and will be, in the job market. Some of the top highest earning and fastest growing jobs in the country are S.T.E.M. positions. That trend only solidifies the fact that a math degree holds a huge amount value. We now have a highly data-driven market, one that favors those with an advanced analytical, problem solving, and statistical evaluation skill set. Those with a mathematics degree hold those very keys. If mathematics is directly related to the core of any business, or not,  every business has a need for someone who knows the language of mathematics.

If you really want to raise your game, you would be wise to minor, or at least take supplemental classes, in computer science. More and more mathematics overlaps computer science, so having a working knowledge in that area is hugely marketable.  An understanding of statistics - the ability to calculate, understand, and work with statistical information, will give you an edge when your resume sits on a stack of others. Even if it is not a passion of yours, having the experience of some computer science and statistical skills, will set you above the rest.

Most math majors will not become "mathematicians" but math degrees are still popular among aspiring engineers, teachers, scientists and technology professionals alike. With an algorithm behind every social media post, our world runs as much on the foundation of numbers as it does words. By becoming proficient in numerical literacy, you can find an array of opportunities for jobs even right out of school. The more a student can connect their theoretical studies to solving real-world problems, the more successful they will be at finding jobs upon graduating.