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    A future in Children’s Ministry
   A Career in Children's Ministry

A future in Children’s Ministry

By Amber Gragert

Growing up you may remember sitting in a Sunday school class listening to your teacher tell Bible stories and life lessons by way of skits, coloring pages, and felt boards. Those days are long gone, and the difficulties facing young people even 10 years ago are quite different from those of today's generation.

Youth groups are not all fun and games - in large part the youth culture today is hurting and struggling, and the help of Godly and vigilant youth pastors and workers is critical for the spiritual health of the coming generations. Suicide, for instance, is the second leading cause of death for people ages 10-24 according to the CDC in 2015. We live in a complex and increasingly digital era placing new pressures on young people which places new expectations on youth pastors and workers today. Though many things have changed and altered our world, God's love is still the same, and we all ultimately still need it just the same - therefore the importance of focused training on how to deliver that message and support the modern hurting youth is crucial.

The basis of a Children's and Youth Ministry degree will likely be Christian studies, in which students will study to more fully understand the history of Christianity and the development of Christian doctrine - as well as an understanding of other religions in our modern world. With this understanding students grasp what it is to guide and nurture the Christian faith of young people today through focused communication and teaching. In the specialty Children and Youth Ministry program, students learn to effectively articulate Biblical philosophy in youth ministry, counsel adolescents in any given scenario or setting, organize and administrate youth programs, and understand current youth problems. A more extensive bachelor’s program will even go on to equip students with the professional skills necessary to organize, plan, and even develop entire Spirit-led youth ministry programs.

Course work will include classes such as: Bible study, New and Old Testament studies, foundations of church ministries, theology and apologetics, foundations of ministry, hermeneutics, children and family ministries, pastoral counseling, leadership in ministry, marriage and family relationships etc. Then there is of course hands-on learning through internships where students also learn creative methods of communication and teaching children, among other things. There will also be a focus on recognizing signs of distress and crisis in adolescent lives and how to get them the appropriate help and/or counseling necessary.

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart form it."

-Proverbs 22:6

As with all things pertaining to godliness - students will be challenged to think biblically about all facets of life, learn to develop their spirituality and faith in themselves and how to help cultivate that in others as well. This magnifies and grows student ministry skills and teaches students how to engage the world around them. Students are also challenged to think biblically about all aspects of life which aids in Christ-centered children's and family ministries. Let the Master Potter mold and shape you into a useful tool to do His good work through your work with the modern young people of today.