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A Future in Architecture

By Amber Gragert

Architecture is grounded in the sciences, but its foundational stones are firmly set in the arts. Great architects of yesteryear helped embody the spirit of their generations and ignite the flame within other creative minds to build bigger and brighter tomorrows. Think of the ingenuity of Roman aqueducts, the art and beauty of 16th century cathedrals, the functionality of the Golden Gate Bridge-all of that is thanks to the great minds and talents of architects. Then, of course, there are today’s urban housing developments, schools, hospitals and the list goes on! Architects give the world safe and functional places to reside and beauty to behold for ages to come. If you are a hands-on and creative thinker ready to leave your mark on the world, then, perhaps a career in architecture is what you want.

Not only do structures house people but they are also works of art that help to define entire towns or cities they reside in. Consider the look of the famous rolling neighborhoods in San Francisco, CA, the cabin ski town appearance of Breckinridge, CO, or the cityscape of New York City, NY. We get a sense of those places based solely on their infrastructure. We use words like, ‘quaint’, ‘fun vibe’, ‘old charm’ and the like to describe the cities and towns we visit. That sense and feeling we get when we go home or to new places, is all created by the architecture around us. Architects play a starring role in preserving and restoring old buildings and structures as well as designing and creating new ones. They quite literally reshape the world we live in. There are many new and exciting facets of architecture for this generation - think public design, walkable cities, preserving the environment and sustainability, green design, tech-driven design – who will lead the way?

The study and practice of architecture includes architectural design, history and theory; building structures and environmental systems; project and site planning; and construction. Before you do all of this; however, you will take classes in 3D modeling, drafting, engineering, mathematics, physics and works drawing. These classes will teach you how to design and draw structures and layouts, build models based on those and then develop the tools you will need to bring those designs and models to life.

Some key and helpful traits of a future architect are: creative problem-solving skills, detail oriented, passion, creativity, adaptability, an easy-going manner, a balanced ego, confidence, hands-on learner and a curious mind. It’s also helpful to work well with others and have some managerial skills - as you could be managing a team or crew of people as you bring your work to life. The famous American Architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, once said, “A great architect is not made by way of a brain nearly so much as he [or, she] is made by way of a cultivated, enriched heart.”

Career paths are limited only by your imagination. A Registered Architect (RA) has diverse opportunities within large architectural firms or you could apply your education to a related profession. Here are some examples:

•  Advertising Designer

•  Architectural Engineer

•  Art Director

•  Building Contractor

•  CAD Manager

•  Draftsperson

•  Interior Designer

•  Landscape Architect

•  Mechanical Engineer

•  Old House Rehabber

•  Production Designer

•  Urban Planner

•  Virtual Reality Specialist