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Major in Business

Article by Rachelle Wiggins

“Our heart should…be filled with joy…for his remarkable wisdom in designing so many amazing ways in which business activity in itself is fundamentally good and brings glory to God.”  ~Wayne Grudem

From earliest Biblical days until the present, trade and commerce have remained an indispensable cornerstone of our world. In its purest form, business is a platform where the excellencies of God’s character are put on display: creative ingenuity, wise stewardship and an underlying sense of integrity. Big business and small, global markets and local are all looking for strategic thinkers and trustworthy, market-savvy decision makers. Whether you are drawn to the idea of launching your own business or are more interested in using your skills in the advancement of a pre-existing company, a degree in business will prepare you to be a strong leader in whatever area of professionalism you choose.

If you are interested in and able to manage your own personal finances, this may be an important clue to the type of giftings God has wired into your disposition. Depending on your desired business specialization, different skill sets may be needed. For example, analytical thinking may be beneficial in an accounting setting, while a creative flare may be more appreciated in the marketing arena. Beyond this, there are other necessary traits and skills for a career in business, including:

  • Enjoyment of a wide variety of people and “networking” capabilities
  • Good communication and negotiation expertise  
  • Strong time-management and delegation skills
  • Problem solving and leadership abilities

When it comes to getting your degree, you can expect to take a wide range of classes pertaining to business law, ethics, marketing, management and entrepreneurship. You will also encounter an emphasis on upper level math courses such as Algebra, Calculous, Accounting and Economics.

Careers available are as wide as you can dream! From media to manufacturing, law to leisure, energy to entertainment—every industry in the world is founded upon business principles you will learn about in your studies. Here are a few of the most basic business career areas you might consider:

  • Accounting and Finance. In this specialization your job is to review company finances, advise regarding taxes and expenditures, manage business transactions and prevent fraud and bad practice.
  • Advising and Consulting. In these positions you contribute business expertise in order to optimize a company or client’s financial success.
  • Management. These high pressure, high intensity roles provide structure and stability to an organization. Often these positions are obtained through mid-level work experience or ongoing education.
  • Retail and Sales. This is all about a passion for getting the right product into the hands of the right buyer. The sky’s the limit for those with a persevering, entrepreneurial spirit!


Of course, there are many other areas of business where you may find your niche, such as marketing, banking or human resources. The projected growth rate for many of these business-related professions is well above average, making a degree in this field a fairly impressive commodity in itself.

We know as Christians, that at the end of life we will give an account to God for what we did with what He gave us. If He has wired you with a detail-oriented mind, an innate understanding of finances and the drive to go after one of the above careers then a business major may be the next right step for you!