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A future in Liberal Arts

By Amber Bailey

Liberal arts and science is a balance of the arts, biological and physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities -- rather than a single subject, the emphasis is the broad spectrum of study. Students get an overview, or you could even say aerial view, of those five areas to give students the most well rounded education possible. If you have many interests and enjoy learning a wide range of subjects, then liberal arts may be exactly the degree program for you.

The majority of the time students are able to design a unique-to-them program of study to suit their needs and somewhat cater to their interests within the context of the degree. This gives students a balance in their studies while also piquing their interests. While doing so, you gain ample analytical skills, an appreciation for different points of view, the practice required to become a concise and effective speaker and writer, the experience necessary to interact with peers and people of all different levels and a firm grip on the adaptability and flexibility needed to face any job opportunity head on and with grace.

Liberal arts students often find it useful to make a bit more effort toward learning some key skills that professional and technical students, in particular, often have in order to compete better in the job market. If you are interested in a field like engineering or business, then you should strongly consider taking additional classes as well as get work experience through an internship, a part-time or summer job or even volunteer work. Through these experiences, you will gain invaluable knowledge and skills in leadership, business administration and marketing. These are qualities employers like, look fantastic on your resume and do wonders for your future employability - giving you an edge in the job market.

Through your studies as a liberal arts major, you will become a very versatile candidate to continue your education in a more specific degree program or you will have also become For example, if you want to go into publishing, you will likely need experience in a similar environment, either from an internship or even involvement with a student publication, such as your university newsletter, magazine or website. Also consider a media blog and an active social media platform.

an easy hire with the skills you have acquired. Your well-practiced communication skills, along with your refined critical thinking and reasoning abilities, will open an ocean of career opportunities. Employers often desire prospective employees with a degree in liberal arts due to the "generalist" mentality their studies emphasize. They want someone who has proven their ability to analyze an array of topics, rather than someone who was educated to maintain only one specific mind-set.

Customer service is valuable in almost every job scenario and hiring a liberal arts major means hiring a social alchemist - a person who can relate and connect with all sorts of customers. It is often easier to hire a person with stellar communication and writing skills than teach them how to communicate and write effectively.

As far as jobs go, you can basically take your pick and use your experience to fit it in any number of fields and industries. Liberal arts majors can be found in advertising, communications, education, marketing, and even law or public service. You could easily work in business, government, a nonprofit sector, any science or social science, or even music. Job opportunities are as diverse as the graduates that seek them. With a degree in liberal arts, you will hold a master key to the door of your future career.