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Sports Management Major...A Closer Look

By Misty Sneddon

photo A degree in Sports Management is an excellent option for those who are business minded and enjoy sports. Not only do students need to be knowledgeable about sports, they must also be familiar with business practices. Many students who graduate with a Sports Management degree will enter the workforce directly afterwards. It is also an excellent idea to pursue a Master’s in Sports Management once a graduate gets some hands-on experience in the career field or even directly upon earning an undergraduate degree. Classes a Sports Management major can expect to take are social-historical foundations of American sports, financial accounting, sports administration and governance, sports media marketing, sports revenues and sales, sports psychology, sports finance and economics, sports business communications and public relations, facilities and events management, sports ethics and laws, supervised project in sports management, sports communication, and human side of organizations.

Pursuing a career in sports management is highly competitive, so it is imperative that a person who chooses this major is highly motivated. In addition, employers prefer people who have athletic backgrounds, such as having lettered in sports in high school. It’s best to find a college that offers a  specialized Sports Management degree in a larger city where there tend to be more sports-related venues. As soon as college starts, a student would do well to apply for internships, as well as volunteer at sporting events. It’s the relationships a student builds with potential employers that will help ensure a job after graduation. Getting summer jobs or part-time jobs in sports arenas will also provide more experience. As a student moves closer to graduation, interning with companies in the student’s chosen specialization is beneficial. Often students will choose to focus on specific niches such as sports marketing, sports and recreation, hospitality, public relations, sales, events, sponsorships, and marketing. It’s important to set oneself apart from all of the other interns at this point. Managing and leading group projects, as well as consistently providing new ideas, will get the intern noticed and more likely to secure a career after graduating.

According to Forbes magazine, the best entry-level careers in sports management with upward movement potential are sponsorship, junior public relations staffer, group sales, and outside accounting experience. Upward career advancement depends upon one’s work experience and connections, so it is vital to be willing to work hard and network whenever possible. Entry-level salaries range from $35,000 to $45,000 per year. Here is a list of potential careers for those with a Sports Management degree:

• Sports Compliance Specialist
• Sports Broadcast Agent
• Sports Philanthropist
• Sports Facility Director
• Sports Agent
• Athletic Trainer
• Sports Blogger
• Program Director
• Season Ticket Manager
• Brand Manager
• Sports Camp Director
• Recreational Worker
• Market Researcher
• Professor
• Player Appearances Manager
• Hospitality Specialist
• Sports Mediator
• Concessions Manager
• Tournament Planner
• Fan Club Manager
• Youth Sports Organizer
• Sporting Goods Sales Representative
• Field Maintenance Director
• Coach
• Official Scorer
• Umpire Room Manger
• Ticket Administrator