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A future in Fine Arts

By Amber Gragert

The arts have for centuries told the stories of our ancestors and shown us the details that were behind the written words of history. Through ancient paintings and carvings; and folklore songs and dances taught to each new generation - culture and ancestral history has passed through the ages. The beauty of the "illuminations" painted in old holy texts do more than just shine light on the scriptures, but give us insight to the very different version of world the artists lived in. Today painting, dance, and music are vastly different, but the purpose is still the same.

Storytelling, truth telling, and an account of history is given with each new work of art created. Art is not only for aesthetics but also to communicate things like philosophical, political, and spiritual ideas. Other times art is solely created to evoke emotions, to entertain, or even distract onlookers from their world. These are the themes students study while majoring in fine arts. This major prepares students for a wide range of careers in visual or performing arts. Visual arts include painting, photography, and sculpture; whereas performing arts of course include dance, theater, and voice. Each unique in their substance and each require different courses suited exactly for the needs of the specialty chosen.

The basis remains relatively the same for each however and course outlook is as follows: 2-dimensional art, 3-dimensional art, art history, art theory & criticism, digital art, and performing arts. Students then build upon this with more classes in the area they would like to specialize in. At which point the paint really touches the canvas or dance shoes hit the stage. In discovering your true artistic potential through learning, students also gain the ability to spark and create new and individual ideas and the ability to shape them into reality. It is likely you are already a creative thinker, but it is also a skill you will sharpen through your coursework - along with creative problem solving. Being comfortable working with others is important also as there will certainly be times it is necessary to collaborate for a project. Another skill or trait that will be very useful is an entrepreneurial mindset. There will come a time where you must have the ability to make something out of seemingly nothing and be able to market yourself and your own work in order to have it seen and experienced.

There are a few options when it comes to deciding the level of education you want to achieve. An Associates of Fine Arts is available and works well for anyone wanting to become a freelance photographer, private music or art instructor, or even an assistant in theater production. A Bachelors of Fine Arts is a more extensive degree, that builds your portfolio and will qualify you for a career as an art director, art teacher, creative writer, or dance instructor. Then of course, the Masters of Fine Arts will prepare you well for management and directorship opportunities. This will put you in the running for a career as an art appraiser, art curator, arts department administration and management, costume designer, and more.

Whatever your choice in art - majoring in fine arts will only increase your knowledge and ability in it. If God has given you the gift of any artistic ability, you should feed that gift and let it grow into something that gives God glory. Learn all you can, create all you are able, and share it with the world.