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   History Major...A Closer Look
   Explore a Major in History

History Major...A Closer Look

By Misty Sneddon

photo History majors learn about past events, they are conditioned to critically examine those events and make parallel comparisons to today’s current events and possibly predict the paths our current societies are on. History majors develop many career-building skills while in college. Interdisciplinary thinking and training, writing, critical analyzing, and researching are a large part of this degree. Upon graduating, a historian will understand how people existed and why they acted the way they did in the past. They develop a sense of understanding for the more elusive cultures and belief systems in the past that have evolved into present day societies. Historians have a strong sense of self-discipline and direction which is needed to gather and organize information well. Most importantly, History students find a profound joy in learning about the past. The ability to analyze and hence solve problems that usually need more than one solution, demonstrates a competence utilized in many aspects of future careers.

Most college History programs require a History major to have an area of concentration in order to graduate, concentrations similar to Asia and the Islamic world, Europe, and the Americas and Africa. Depending upon which college one attends, concentrations vary widely. Classes include United States history, introduction to the Old Testament, ancient Greeks, Middle Eastern history, the Romans, Romanization, East Asian history, ancient political theory, colonial encounters, Europe since 1945, ancient and medieval history, Gandhi’s India, histories of American capitalism, ancient history of Egypt, alchemy, magic and science, modern Caribbean History, Jewish History, intellectual History and women’s History.

Careers options for those with a degree in History are:

  • Public Relations Staffer
  • Museum Curator
  • Campaign Worker
  • Fundraiser
  • Information Specialist
  • Journalist
  • Legal Assistant
  • Administrator
  • Advertising Executive
  • Archivist
  • Technical Writer
  • Broadcaster
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Business Person
  • Domestic and Foreign Government Agent
  • Foundation Staffer
  • Congressional Aide
  • Lawyer
  • Editor
  • Lobbyist
  • Information Specialist
  • Personal Manager
  • Librarian/Media Specialist
  • Researcher
  • Teacher