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   Political Science Major...A Closer Look
   Explore a Major in Political Science

Political Science Major...A Closer Look

By Misty Sneddon

photo A political scientist studies how the government is organized and works on solving political dilemmas. There is a lot that goes into this career and many areas one can branch out from once a degree is obtained. Most successful Political Science majors continue education up through a Doctorate degree and many find work as a college or university professor. Research takes a large amount of a political scientist’s time, as well as writing books and articles on theories in politics. Many political scientists are hired by those running for governmental election campaigns.

Political Science majors who specialize in specific fields like public law, international relations, and public administration tend to find better-paying careers. However, there are other subfields to this degree such as comparative politics, empirical theory and quantitative methods, and American government and politics. Approximately half of the Political Science professionals work for the government and make an average annual salary of $102,000 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Others utilize this four-year degree to fulfill pre-law requirements. Classes one can expect to take vary widely depending upon the subfield of this degree. An example of classes would be contemporary global controversies, power and justice, ethics and society, film and politics, political inquiry, The Presidency, foreign languages, United States Congress, voting, campaigning and elections, political theory, race and ethnicity in American politics, urban politics, international relations, and political psychology.

Many careers in Political Science require continued education. Below is a list of careers one can pursue upon completing a minimum of a four-year degree:

• Social Science Teacher
• Legislative Assistant
• Budget Analyst
• Journalist
• Lobbyist
• City Housing Administrator
• Attorney
• Political Consultant
• Foreign Service Officer
• Coordinator of Federal and State Aid
• Mediator
• Political Commentator
• Survey Analyst
• Urban Policy Planner
• University Professor
• Freelance Writer
• Corporate Public Affairs Advisor
• Foundation President
• Communications Director
• Congressional Office/Committee Staffer
• Activist/Advocate Organizer
• CIA Analyst
• Juvenile Justice Specialist
• Intelligence Officer
• College Professor