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A Future in Business

By Amber Gragert

To major in business is to become a leader in any number of career paths. This is often said to be the most versatile major and has the most diverse and plentiful future employment opportunities.

“Choose a job that you like, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -- Confucius

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in business, you should take an honest assessment of your personality.  Not everyone is cut out for a career in business. Being consistently one of the most popular of college majors, you'll need stellar communication and people skills to stand out amongst the crowd. Do you tend to take on leadership roles with assertiveness? Much of business is problem solving, so do you have keen critical thinking skills to handle that? Charisma doesn't hurt; but, do you also have interpersonal communication skills - to feel out situations and speak to people on any level? If you think you have those key traits and are ready to take the business world by storm, then read on.

As a business major, you will develop key leadership, management and human resource skills needed for a wide range of work fields. There are truly limitless opportunities for those with business degrees and they work well in fields like: education services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit organizations, retail trade and, of course, business. This major is well suited for anyone with an interest in paving their own roads to success through entrepreneurial ventures. You can go on to specialize in areas like accounting, finance, marketing and sales but it should go without saying, that sticking with a degree solely in business is very valuable as well.

Through your coursework, you will learn business theories and how they apply in real world problems. Common business major classes include: business communication, finance, law and management, applied statistics, financial accounting, human resource management, marketing management, organizational behavior and strong communication skills in public speaking classes.

Your business major course work will prepare you for leadership roles in your future career aspirations - forging you into a well-rounded professional ready for any job.

Employment opportunities include:

•  Accountant

•  Budgeting Director

•  Finance Director

•  Financial Analyst

•  Investment Officer

•  Payroll Director

•  Sales Manager

•  Stock Plan Administrator

•  Tax Compliance Manager

Moving on toward an MBA, you would be well prepared by having majored in business. Prerequisites for a master's degree would include extra computer and possibly calculus courses. If furthering your studies by way of an MBA program is your plan, then be prepared to pass the business-school admissions test called the GMAT. Also, bear in mind that internships and/or working in a related field looks great on applications and resumes when applying for an MBA program.