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Major in Graphic Design

Article by Rachelle Wiggins

“We glorify God by reshaping the raw materials of the world in such a way that, for those with eyes to see, God’s glory and presence are made visible.” ~John Mark Comer

Studies have shown that nearly 100 million business start-ups are launched every year. That’s one business birthed every three seconds! And no business can survive without some sort of marketing strategy. Whether it is the need for social media, product packaging, or a new logo, website or business card, graphic design will always be in demand in every imaginable industry. As a college major, graphic design teaches students how to create high quality visual imagery for advertising, print, publications, web and multimedia formats. Topics of study range from design theory to portfolio development to digital design to project management. Typically attracting visually-oriented individuals, this major focuses on conveying a message through the function of font, color, photography and graphics which bring creative vision to life. A graphic design major also equips students with the specific software and technology skills necessary to succeed in the industry.

Many of the most desired skills for a graphic design major are in fact, tech-centered. Therefore, in addition to having an intuitive knack for aesthetics and the ability to create a smooth, cohesive look, it is imperative for a graphic design major to be somewhat tech-savvy and familiar with basic computer design applications. Other helpful traits and skills for this major include having an eye for detail, thick skin when it comes to revising and editing, and a strong understanding or “read” of your target audience in order to convey the specific message needed for a particular design assignment. In addition, design work is often done in collaboration and for a wide-array of clients so it is important to be a team-player and have strong communication skills. Individuals who thrive in the graphic design industry are those who are able to multitask, meet deadlines, stay focused and maintain a posture of lifelong learning in a sea of constantly evolving technology and design styles.

Stepping into a graphic design program, you can expect to take all sorts of general art classes. You will likely work to create a design portfolio over the course of your educational journey and may participate in an internship before graduating. You may choose to narrow in on an area that is of special interest to you, or choose a broad spectrum of graphic design electives in order to remain diversified in your abilities. Examples of courses include:

  • Principles of Design and Color
  • Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Design
  • Multimedia and animation
  • Typography
  • Website design
  • Printing technique
  • Digital design
  • Desktop publishing

Graphic design careers continue to emerge and expand. Those in highest demand include web and digital designers, animators and computer systems designers (with a projected 20% job increase), while more traditional jobs centered on print and publishing continue to become increasingly competitive. Though not for everyone, freelancing is a huge trend in all niche areas related to graphic design. Though graphic design majors typically become visual/graphic artists or designers, other related careers include:

  • Production designer
  • Art director
  • Marketing specialist
  • Multimedia artist
  • Product developer
  • Illustrator
  • Textile designer

If creative juices pulse through your veins and artistic ability seems hard-wired into your brain, then perhaps part of God’s good plan for your life involves taking your abilities and showcasing His inventive, beautiful image to the world through the diverse and unique field of graphic design.