Casey Campbell, Student - Christian College the First Year

The Christian Connector asked Casey Campbell a series of questions about her first year of college at the Christian college she began this fall.

TCC: What do you most, and least, enjoy about the Christian college you're attending?
Casey: I most enjoy the diversity at my school. The people come from a wide range of cultural, academic, and spiritual backgrounds. Although it is a Christian school, not everyone is a Christian. I see that as a very good thing. It challenges me to be a witness at all times. I don't know if there's anything that I don't enjoy about my school. I'm pretty tired of cafeteria food, and it would be great to not have so much homework, but I guess that comes with the territory!

TCC: Why did you attend a Christian college?
Casey: I wanted a Christ-centered education.

TCC: How did your family and your college deal with the cost and financial aid challenges?
Casey: My parents were able to help me with some of the cost of college, but primarily I needed scholarships. My school was very good about giving me financial help. I received a good academic scholarship that helped a lot.

TCC: Did you consider any non-Christian schools?
Casey: The only non-Christian school I considered was the school in my home town. My top three choices were Christian schools.

TCC: How is your first year going?
Casey: It's going great so far! It's challenging to motivate myself and to set priorities, but I think I'm getting the hang of it!

TCC: What are you studying?
Casey: I am a nursing major.

TCC: What is your favorite class?
Casey: Biology is definitely my favorite class. My professor is great! He loves what he's teaching about, and his passion for biology is contagious!

TCC: Are there any specific benefits you see about the Christian dynamic at your college?
Casey: Because I'm a nursing major, I'm taking a lot of science classes. I really appreciate that my professors believe the same things that I do, and have the same values. For example, in my biology class, evolution is taught as a theory, but creation is taught as the truth.

TCC: Are you happy with your decision to go to the college you're at now?
Casey: I am extremely happy with my college. It wasn't my first choice school, but everything about the school fits me perfectly.

TCC: What would you change about the school you're attending if you could?
Casey: I don't know that I would change anything. It's in a very small town, but other than that I think that anyone who came to this school would love it!

TCC: What advice would you give to high school students about choosing a college now that you are in college yourself?
Casey: Keep your options open! If you don't get into the school you're hoping to get into, don't be discouraged! I know it might sound cliche, but God has a plan, and even when it doesn't seem like it, He'll lead you where he wants you to go! Now, that's not to say don't try your best to get into the school you want; apply early, and make sure the school knows you're interested!

A special "thank you" to Casey Campbell as she continues her freshman year.