Lois Wetzel, mother of 3 students who attended Christian Colleges

The Christian Connector: How many of your kids attended Christian colleges?
LW: All three of my children attended a different Christian college (for at least part of their time in college).

TCC: Did you want your kids to attend a Christian college?
LW: Yes, we had encouraged them to attend at least one year at a Christian college ever since they were little. My parents had requested that of me and my siblings, and both my husband and I agreed that it would be a great idea.

TCC: Why did you feel it was wise for your kids to attend a Christian college?
LW: We wanted our children to have a good foundation for their faith in Jesus Christ. They had been raised in a solid Bible believing church and all had accepted Christ as their Savior and Lord at a young age, but once they were on their own, we wanted them to be grounded in the Word and we felt a Christian college would help. We also wanted them a little sheltered from the world for that first year.

TCC: What are your attitudes in regards to your kid's experiences?
LW: We are very thankful that our kids went to Christian colleges. It was the best choice; they grew spiritually and matured in their faith.

TCC: How do your kids feel about the time they spent at their college?
LW: All of our children loved their college experiences and grew closer to the Lord there. They talk many times of faith lessons they learned there and how it still influences them. Jay wrote to some friends a couple of months before he died about his college. He said, "This is a great school! All my professors are Christians and pray before every class. We have chapel 3 times a week and the singing is great. We have Bible Studies in our dorm and Christian Athletics meet every Wednesday with about 75-100 kids getting together. I'm so glad I came to this school." I can't add anything to that.

TCC: Was it worth the investment?
LW: Absolutely! Never have we wished they would have attended a cheaper, closer, liberal school. Our kids never went through those rebelling years, questioning God nor doing things they would regret for the rest of their lives. I know that they were solid in their faith before but it did help to have it reinforced by professors, class material and friends that also had the same belief system. We did get federal scholarships and grants and the schools helped also with financial aid. All of our kids had part time jobs during school to help some, and our daughters had and still have loans they are repaying. But it helps teach them the value of their education.

TCC: Have you noticed positive changes in your kids?
LW: Both of our daughters found mates because of the Christian school they attended and our son, Jay, was dating a lovely Christian girl before he died. That is one reason we wanted them in a Christian college. We wanted them to meet and date and marry born again Christians and what better place to find them than a Christian college! We saw them doing their own devotions, reading the Bible more and thinking more spiritually about worldly things.

TCC: If you had to do it over again, would you send them to a Christian college?
LW: Yes, without a doubt. Even with the distance, as no Christian school is close to North Dakota, we still felt it was that important.

TCC: What advice do you have for parents and their students in regards to making the right college choice?
LW: Consider a Christian school first. Pray about it and then check into them. See what schools fit your kid's needs and personality. Talk to the schools representative, but also visit. Stay in the dorms, talk to the students, eat the food and attend chapel and some classes to get a real feel for the spirit of the school. Ask lots of questions and let the Lord guide you. Make it a priority when you start your family and begin to save money early.

TCC: Anything else you would like to add?
LW: I went one year to a Christian college, but left to get a nursing degree at a state school. The Christian school I attended didn't have that at that time. When I look back on my college, that first year was most important. Most of the great memories were from my Christian college. I am so glad that I got to attend a Christian college myself and am thankful all of our children also attended one.

Interview questions answered by:
Lois Wetzel (mother of three students who attended Christian colleges)
New Salem, ND

The Christian Connector, Inc. wishes to extend our thanks to Lois for sharing her Christian college experiences with us.