Five reasons why a Christian college may make sense for you...

5. Great Financial Aid Opportunities.
Did you know that many Christian colleges offer a myriad of opportunities for financial aid? Christian colleges are very aware of the costs associated with a college education, and they go to lengths to try to make attending their school affordable for your family. Institutional aid, which is financial aid offered by the college itself, can range from academic to athletic scholarships... leadership and out-of-state grants, individual scholarships based on majors and interests, scholarships related to ministry... and the list goes on and on. One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to never rule out a college based on the initial cost. The truth is, until you receive a financial aid package at the schools you are considering, you will not know the cost for your family.

4. A wonderful variety of majors and programs.
Would you like to attend a Christian college that offers a nationally accredited Art or Music program? No problem. How about a Christian school with an exceptional record of having their students accepted into Medical Schools? Maybe you're interested in studying for a semester in places like India, Australia, China, or the Middle East. Many Christian colleges offer those opportunities as well. Want to study at a school with students who are National Merit Scholars... you'll find those types of outstanding students at Christian colleges as well. The truth is, you may be pleasantly surprised at the breadth, scope, and quality of offerings at today's Christian colleges and universities.

3. Committed Professors.
A great positive when I attended a Christian college was the interest the professors took in the students. Because of the Christian dynamic, you may find that the professors at Christian colleges are willing and able to connect with students, not just on an academic level, but on a spiritual level as well. The Christian college environment naturally lends itself to relationships that can be both encouraging and challenging.

2. Community.
Yes, you can go to any campus in the country and make friends. However, the Christian college atmosphere can particularly lend itself to the type of friends that will understand and relate to you, your needs, and your struggles as a fellow Christian. While not every student at every Christian college is a committed Christian, the opportunity to be surrounded by individuals who share a common faith in Christ is exciting. You may find yourself challenged and stretched in ways you would have never anticipated.

1. Life Change
Even though I've worked in Christian Higher Education for about 20 years, my wife was not completely convinced that a Christian college was the best option for our own children. Then our oldest son went away to a Christian college for his first semester of school. By the time he came back from his first semester, my wife was sold on Christian education. What she saw was a young man who had not been very serious about his faith, return as an individual who had a level of spiritual commitment that was both refreshing and transforming. Does that mean that each student who attends a Christian college is guaranteed to have a new-found ownership of their faith... of course not. However, in our experience, the opportunity and the change that a Christian college education brought to our family and our son's life is priceless.

Thom Seagren
The Christian Connector, Inc.
Christian College Grad, Class of 1987