Are You Prepared for College?

So what are you going to do when you graduate? That's a question that you may grow to love or hate by the end of your senior year. It's a question that you may already be tired of hearing.

I hope one of the cornerstone issues in regards to your choice for college is the idea of where you will best be prepared:

  • Prepared for a career
  • Prepared for service
  • Prepared for family relationships
  • Prepared for ministry
  • Prepared for life

It's probably no surprise to you that ministry can look very different for you then it does for your best friend, your parents or your siblings. Ministry is about a daily response to God's plan and purpose.  To borrow a phrase from Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, it's a matter of joining God in His work.

So how do you do that? Being prepared for life, ministry, family, service and career is a tall order. The college you choose should be able to assist you in each of these key areas. Is it possible to "become prepared" on such a level at a secular institution... perhaps.  However, an honest evaluation of what a secular campus and classroom environment looks like in this country in 2007, suggests that it would make this already challenging job, much more difficult.

At times we may be able to place certain areas of our lives into individual "compartments" in order to focus on a particular task at a specific time. However, the spiritual aspect of who we are and who we've been created to be, can not be placed aside, not even for a short period of time.  One can not be in an environment for four years and put his/her faith in a box and not take it out, not have it challenged - negatively or positively. We are, at the very core of our personhood, spiritual beings.  I hope most of us have accepted the truth that our environment influences us.

Some of the five areas listed above in regards to being prepared, can be accomplished in virtually any environment: secular college, Christian college, or going directly into a vocation. However, becoming prepared for service, ministry and life are so fundamental, they reach beyond our chosen career path and spill into the basic part of who we are. They are at the heart of our Christian walk and they are areas that can be directly and uniquely addressed in a Christian college environment.  While there are certainly secular institutions where godly people can assist you in these areas, it is clear that these vital areas are not a fundamental part of the education and environment at the local community college or state university.

Four years. That sounds like a long commitment. However, each year of your life that passes, will likely demonstrate the tremendous impact that the four years you spent in college will have on the rest of your life.   Will your college choice help you be prepared for the most significant areas and decisions of your life?

Be prepared, God has a plan!

Thom Seagren
The Christian Connector, Inc.
Christian College Grad, Class of 1987